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Music Theatre for Young People is made possible by the generous support of the Wichita community.
Special thanks to the following individuals, organizations & corporate sponsors!

Members of MTYP help fund our on going programs as well as specific productions.  Please consider becoming a member of MTYP.  Information is available in the theater lobby — talk to one of our board members after today’s performance.


Larry and Loretta Anderson
Ted and Patty Austin
Larry and Robbi Heck
John and Karen Curfman
Kim and Martin Ufford
Monte and Kim Gee Vines
Matthew Vines


Dr. Lance and Shelly Anderson
Joshua and Tessia Cary
Jerry and Jan Fritchman
Jerry and Jan Fritchman
Calvin and Mary Olmstead


Nick and Karen Bombardier
Curtis Cundith
Stephanie Cundith
Karen and Dennis Hahn
Jerry and Tracey Hershey
Ellen and Stephen House
Anne and Kevin Kaff
Timothy and Carrie Jo Kice
Holy and Greg Nickel
Mike and Lydia Pierce
Rob and Julie Rippy
Scott and Wendy Weiss


Jeff and Dana Bourland
Wayne Bryan
Cynthia and Bud Bryant
Adelyn Rosa Bye
Lisa and Jeff Dahlgren
Kimberly and Scott Daley
Kay Daniels
Angela Diedrich and Steve McGaffin
Marianna Evans
Bill and Lee Gee
Jennifer Grossi
Troy and Kim Farha
Martin and Jennifer Faust
Judy and David Hawkins
Trisha Jacobs
Natalie Johnson
Carolyn and John Kretzer
Bruce and Robyn Mamary
Pat Mamary
Dee Marsh
Tammie Middendorf
Miss Kathie’s Music Lessons
Jim and Jana Northcutt
Matt and Natalie Schock
Kim and Steven Sharp
The Treat/Wilson Family
Delores Ufford
Unruh Family
Kim and Jason Zogula


Tracy Barnhart
Darcy and David Beaver
Jim and Vera Bothner
Edna Burns
Mike and Cindy Corn
Mike Eck
Cara and Erik Graves
Matt Hanne
Buff Huckle
Linda and Doug Myers
Harley and Rebecca Perry