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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get in a show?

MTYP holds auditions for the productions during the school year but one production is reserved as an “enrollment show”, which all students are automatically  cast in the show. We also have camps that do shows. You should get on the MTYP email list to receive advance information about auditions and enrollment shows, as well as camps and other activities.

Who casts the show?

All MTYP shows are cast by the director, music director and choreographer. No one is allowed to tell them who to cast.

Are your shows full length musicals?

MTYP only produces the original licensed musical. Exceptions may be made for changing “cuss words”. Exception may be made in the case of a lengthy musical, such as THE KING AND I, when offered as a school matinee. In order to allow school groups to get to the show and back to school, performances will be shortened to approximately 2 hours. The regular public performances will be full length.

When are rehearsals?

MTYP typically rehearses Sundays, from 2-6pm, and Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays, from 6-8 pm. Usually everyone comes to Sunday rehearsals, as well as one other day each week. The other two weekdays are used for specific musical number, or blocking specific scenes, with fewer people. The closer to the production, the more frequently everyone is scheduled to rehearse. During tech week, everyone comes to all rehearsals.

How many weeks do you rehearse for a show?

Most shows rehearse for 7-8 weeks.

Where are rehearsals held?

Rehearsals are held at Century II, 225 W. Douglas, Wichita.  Our rehearsal room is on the 1st floor.  Cast enters through the “Stage” door on the SOUTH side of Century II.  The “Stage” door is in the breezeway between the round Century II building and the square Expo Hall building.  Drop off/Pick Up for cast members is on the WEST side of Century II.

What is tech week?

Tech week begins the Monday before Friday’s opening night. Monday is usually used for learning the spacing and set requirements of a show, on the stage. Tuesday and Wednesday, costumes and make-up are introduced, and Thursday is final dress rehearsal, when everything will be perfect!

Can I miss a rehearsal?

When you audition for a show, you are asked to list your rehearsal conflicts, including school concerts, vacations, after school activities, piano lessons, everything on your calendar. Then if a rehearsal schedules you to attend, you are excused if your conflict was announced prior to the scheduling. If you are not excused, you may find you miss learning a dance or being blocked in a scene, which you will need to make up. Communication with the production manager or stage managers is crucial!

How many shows do you do each year?

MTYP offers three or four musicals during the school year. Then there are camps in the summer and over Christmas break, and various workshops offered throughout the year.

Do you do school matinees?

Yes! School matinees are important to introduce more people to live theatre. Some students attending our musicals later audition and are cast in shows. Others continue to attend musicals without the prompting of a field trip! Matinees are usually offered Friday morning at 10am. Have your teacher call us if you are interested in attending!

Who picks the shows, and how are they picked?

Currently, the Executive Director and a committee of MTYP board members and several other people active in MTYP consider titles, with input from local theatre experts who know MYTP, and a recommendation is made to the MTYP Board of Directors, who actually select the shows.

Where are the performances?

At this time, all full musicals, are held at the Mary Jane Teall Theater in Century II, with 623 seats and an orchestra pit!

What happens at summer camp?

At summer camp, campers learn songs and dances and lines from a musical appropriate to their age and ability. Auditions for parts are held the first morning of camp. No previous experience is required. The focus of camp is working on the show, with a performance at the end of camp for their families and friends.

What ages go to summer camp?

Summer camp currently is usually for youth ages 6-15.  All camps work the same way – you enroll, get a confirmation letter, go to camp, audition, learn the show, and do a performance.  Different ages will have different roles and expectations at camp, from beginners to more advanced, but all youth will be learning more essentials about all areas of theatre productions.  What ages go to winter camp? Winter Camp is for ages 6-12.

Does it cost to be in a show or do camp?

Full productions during the school year have a performance fee of $175.  Camp cost varies, with typical costs at $125 for Winter Camp, $125 for  full day, full week summer camps and $175 for the full day 2 week summer camp. All camps include a camp tee shirt.

Are scholarships available?

Some partial scholarships are available for all MTYP activities. If cast in a musical, ask for a scholarship application at the first rehearsal. For camps, call and ask for a scholarship form to be mailed to you. All scholarships are need-based, with income, dependents, and extraordinary circumstances considered.

Where does your staff come from?

MTYP staff are selected after careful consideration of the needs of the musical and the available potential staff. People who love working with young people are the only people considered! When using a staff person for the first time, recommendations from other theatre professionals are solicited by MTYP. Most staff are actors working in the Wichita area. MTYP has been fortunate to include MTW director Wayne Bryan; actress/director Karen Robu; actor/director/set designer Tim Robu,  actress/director/writer Mary Lou Phipps-Winfrey; actor/director/writer Michael Roark; Crown artistic director/director Matthew Rumsey, SABA owner/director from San Angelo, Texas Angela Hill and from Broadway, Nick Saverine as directors. Music directors include Matt Hanne, Tim Raymond, Jesse Warkentin, Joey Yates, Ken Gale, Kim Dugger, and Karla Burns. Choreographers include  Gigi Gans, Kristina Sims, Maria Tate, Angie Bickham, Kyle Vespestad, Jonathan Standridge, and Yannic Dozier. Set designers have included world renowned Broadway designer Michael Downs and Emmy Award winner Gregory Crane, and actor/director/set designer Tim Robu, and AJ Kellison.  We also hire costume designers, lighting designers, props headmistress, production manager, and awesome union crews.

Is MTYP a not-for-profit 501-c-3?

YES!!! Any contributions to MTYP are tax-deductible. Our federal tax id number is 48-1008353.

How do I donate to MTYP?

You can mail a donation to MTYP at MTYP, 225 W. Douglas, Wichita, KS 67202, or call 262-MTYP to arrange for pick-up something that cannot be mailed!  You may also use the “DONATE” button on the home page.

Don’t see your question here?
Please let us know by email, mtyp@mtypks.org, and we’ll try to get you an answer as soon as possible!